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You will be amazed how splendid 100WebSpace's point-and-click File Manager is and it's offered by all web hosting plans. Above all, this File Manager is quite user-friendly. Probably it entirely excludes the necessity of utilizing FTP software. By simply using your mouse you can: upload, modify (with top-of-the-line WYSIWYG and code editors), rename, relocate, copy, archive, unarchive, download, preview and publish multiple files with plain drag-and-drop maneuvers with your mouse. Unlike with cPanel, in this marvelous web hosting Control Panel there is a genuine Domain Manager which does not require another user account login to register, migrate or manage your domain names. There is a 30-day payback warranty.

Feature Overview FREE Hosting Bannerless Personal package Personal Pro
Monthly Fee
Web Server Storage 0.1 GB 0.5 GB 15 GB Unlimited
Site Bandwidth 3 GB 10 GB 30 GB Unlimited
Hosted Hostnames 1 2 5 10
Domains Parked Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mailboxes 3 6 30 1200
FTP Accounts 1 1 5 5
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Free Domain Activation
Free Web Skins
Money Back Guarantee
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